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Gas hot water tanks cost a little more to purchase, but are usually cheaper to operate in the long term. So if your budget allows you to look at the big picture, a gas hot water tank has a lot to offer. These are our recommendations:

Professional Classic Plus

By Rheem

This gas hot water tank exceeds the latest Energy efficiency standards and has a 24 volt powered damper that opens and closes in response to activity. This ensures safe and efficient operation, closing as soon as combustion stops and transferring the heat to the water. It has an FHR of 74-80 gallons and is available in 38, 40, and 50-gallon tank sizes. This Rheem gas hot water tank model also has a self-monitoring maintenance system built right in for easy troubleshooting and has no filters to clean. The Guardian system includes an automated sensor to shut down the tank operation if any flammable vapours are detected. For a full list of product features click here

Atmospheric Vent Gas Hot Water Tank

By Bradford White

This hot water tank shares many of the same features as its electric version, without the need for electricity. The Vitraglas* inner lining is designed to protect the tank from erosion while the Hydrojet Total Performance system reduces sediment build up and increases first hour hot water delivery to minimize temperature build up in the tank. As this hot water tank has no flue damper and a built in ignition system, it does not require electricity to operate. The LED display allows for easy maintenance and troubleshooting during the installation process and is a convenient addition to the pilot light viewing window so you can easily see your pilot light is lit and the system is operating properly. It also has a tamper proof brass drain valve and flame arrest safety feature to prevent the ignition of flammable vapours outside of the tank. For a full list of product features click here


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