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Tankless Hot Water Heating Systems

By Navien

250 Plumber is a certified and insured Navien Service Specialist. Navien Tankless Hot Water Tanks are our recommended brand for tankless systems that supply hot water on demand. A tankless hot water heating system takes up less room than conventional hot water storage systems as it simply heats the amount of water you need as it's needed. At under 30" inches tall, a Navien tankless hot water system is 80% smaller than the average electric or gas hot water tank. There's no need to heat water that you're not using, or keep it hot just in case you need it, so you'll save energy, money, and time. Plus, you never have to worry about running out of hot water! Navien is a global leader in condensing technology and uses dual steel heat exchangers to heat up your water, resulting in the industry's highest energy efficiency rating. They also provide a manufacturer warranty of 15 years on the heat exchanger, and 5 years on parts. If you're considering moving to a tankless water heating system call 250PLUMBER for a quote. For a full list of product features click here


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