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If your home renovation plans involve moving your water line or your water main needs replacing, 250PLUMBER can get it done with minimal disruption to your existing landscaping. Once a water main is in the ground most home owners tend to forget about all about it it but there are some important symptoms to watch for.

If your water bill is higher than usual or significantly exceeds your usual usage you may have a broken water line. A simple way to check for this is to shut off the main water valve inside your home and check to see if your water meter is still moving. If it is, it’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure this repair is done as quickly as possible.

Signs that You May Have

A Broken Water Main

250PLUMBER has lots of experience with this type of work and our customers are always impressed at how easily our mini trencher can get the job done. Here are some other signs that you may have a broken water main underground:

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